I Call You

The pretty picture below is taken where I live.
It’s also a concept photo with a prominent rugby goal-post.
Behind are the Blue Mountains, the backdrop to our town of Tapanui.

I read a discussion this morning on an American blog where people were discussing what they could and couldn’t do during lockdown. I was dismayed. The comments seemed to only be thinking about social distancing and the meaning of the rules and their interpretation.

People – we have a PANDEMIC.

Globally medical resources are scarce for the needs of the sick and the dying.

Even in America you’re critically short of personnel and equipment. All the states and your Federal Government are competing for vital equipment such as ventilators.

I don’t care what your particular State rules are but if you’re in a position where you’re privileged to be able to stay at home, then STAY AT HOME.

Where-ever you are in the world, this isn’t about the rules and exactly what they do or don’t say. This is about survival of yourself and others. Just stay home.

Your country needs you … TO STAY HOME.


Here’s what we’re being told in New Zealand …

Stay at home. We are all to stay within the ‘bubble’ of our own household.
You can shop locally for groceries or medical needs.
You can go out for a walk or a cycle – but in the local neighbourhood where it’s safe. And we must always maintain a 2m distance from others.

We are NOT allowed to drive around in our car on non-essential travel, boating, tramping (hiking) etc.

WHY? So that we don’t get into a situation where we need to call on emergency services like roadside assistance, police, ambulance, fire brigade. That’s very high risk for yourself and others.

It’s to ensure that our limited health and emergency services and resources are focussed on helping those who’ve already got the virus and those who will get it (it’s fast, it’s exponential). We must do everything we can to ensure our resources are available to all who will need special care – and you might end up being one of those people.

Where-ever you are in the world …

I CALL YOU : to stay home.
And when you need to go out, stay at least 2m away from others.
Don’t put yourself and others at risk.

Unite Against COVID-19  [this is the New Zealand Government information page]

Our Government has asked all people in New Zealand to stay at home to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

Text and photo by Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)

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  1. Well stated, Liz. Sadly, we have a population here in the states that are willfully ignoring guidelines and the advice of both medical and political spokespeople. And it isn’t just the kids going to the beach although that was horrendous. There are religious leaders, not many but enough, who are preaching that God will protect you so come to church. Packed houses in some cases. People are still traveling. In some states there are hefty fines for ignoring the edicts but I don’t think there is much enforcement. And the ones paying the heaviest price, aside from the dying, are the health professionals who do not have proper equipment to safely aid people yet are still doing their jobs. And, of course, having political leadership stressing the economy is worth a few hundred thousand deaths is infuriating.
    Supposedly the U.S. has the best of everything, American Exceptionalism’s jingoistic hubris, but almost every other country in the world is doing a better job of fighting the pandemic than ours.

    Best wishes to you and Nigel and everyone here to avoid the virus and come out of this strong and determined to see better things for our world.

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    1. I never replied to what you said here because it basically left me speechless, I mean, it’s just awful. I knew it, but it’s awful, and I just had nothing to say. I’ve read of certain religious leaders who defy the restrictions and I have to say whoever they are, they’re evil and their followers are morons. I’d never heard about American Exceptionalism until Nigel told me a couple of years ago, it explains a lot about attitude but of course it leaves me cold. While I’m here I’ll share a link with you – YouTube – I’ve actually just shared this with Mike Powell. This is a lady in NZ who’s played a big role in helping us understand the issues re the virus and what we need to do – she’s marvellous! At: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boHtPpO8TnE&feature=youtu.be

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      1. Yes, distance is important and I have been reading about the extended travel of the virus bits from just plain conversation. I guess some of the minister’s followers believe that their God will protect them while praying. Sadly, it doesn’t work that way. I’ve always felt that people who believe that way are shifting the responsibility for their own lives to their deity. I follow no religion, but if I did I would think that your lord wants you to control things as best you can, not rely upon him/her to take over.
        As Michael said above, we would be blessed to have your PM running things over here. Why I feel that way need not be articulated. 😦


    1. The US and Australia with their Federal/State systems seem to have been particularly challenged in getting a clear message out to their people. In NZ we have clear messages from not only our PM Jacinda Ardern (she’s wonderful) but also other leaders like heads of the Health Department, Police Commissioner, Civil Defence and some scientists. Clear consistent communication has kept confusion minimal despite the upheaval, there appears to be fairly widespread acceptance of the need for the current restrictions.

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  2. Wise words, Liz, which I would summarise as follows: “Don’t be selfish, just be sensible!” Paradoxically, this pandemic is bringing out both the worst and the best in people. Take care, stay healthy.

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    1. There’s confusion I think, due to the focus on social distancing and people think it’s ok to go and do stuff as long as they’re in their car and stay away from other people. But lockdown is only going to work if people actually stay home otherwise unintended interactions can happen when things don’t go to plan.

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    1. It freaks me out the severe forms of this virus are nothing like ‘the flu’, way worse. The situation in the States is scary, lack of protective gear and ventilators. And doctors/nurses getting it. I hope the strict measures here will stop our system getting overloaded. Thankful NZ is being really strict. Hoping you and your family stay well.

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      1. Stay well yourself, Liz. We’re good here. Yes, it’s unbelievable how bad the state of America is. I worry about people I know over there – good people who deserve to be looked after better by their govt.

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