Dog Letterbox, New Zealand

The highway to Gore out of Tapanui is real quiet now we’re in lockdown; we walked there today so at last I have a shot of this cute dog letterbox. West Otago, New Zealand.

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    1. On our way back we noticed four dogs of various types and sizes on the property. One was a blonde labrador that came down as far as the cattle-stop to check on us and say hello.

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      1. Of course, Ned Kelly. I knew about him from my childhood (no, I didn’t know him IN my childhood, I’m not THAT old !! 🙂), and even remember illustrations of him in the comics I used to read. But I never made the connection between him and the mailbox we came across in Tassie. I was amazed and delighted, on following through on your link, to discover that his suit of armour still exists in a museum.

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  1. Cute and clever too! Reminds me of a funny story from when a friend visited. He had a huge toy dog in the back of the car and a real small dog sitting unseen at the front…neighbour passed by and got a real fright when she thought she heard the toy dog bark, hehe!

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