Eucryphia cordifolia

Common name: Ulmo. I recently showed you one of these blossom-laden trees. These photos were taken the same day and include the one already posted. The tree was an amazing sight at the peak of its bloom. Taken with my cellphone 24 Feb 2020.

Eucryphia cordifolia is a rainforest tree from Chile and Argentina.

It can also be found on the western seaboards of UK and Ireland, west coast of North America, and in some Australian and New Zealand parks and gardens.

Photos taken in Queens Park, Invercargill
Southland, New Zealand

I felt fortunate this close-up came out pretty good.


Lots of blossoms and they were a magnet for insects.


The blossom shone in the bright light – LH photo taken with no light adjustment.
You can enlarge the RH photo if you click on it.

eucryphia_cordifolia_inv_03_320w  eucryphia_cordifolia_inv_04_320w

This final photo was actually the first taken.


This Eucryphia cordifolia article from Trees and Shrubs Online is very informative. Apparently Ulmo honey has long been prized in Chile.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)

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