Just The Right Green

On Sunday Nigel took himself and his green brolly off to Hawthorn Den at Waikaka to attend a fete. Waikaka is not far distant from home, between where we live in Tapanui and Gore. The green brolly is no ordinary umbrella, a lucky find for Nigel a year ago. It’s huge and the shade of green is just right to draw attention to his landscape design business Growplan – the green is the same as that used in the Growplan logo. Last year the fete was on a very rainy day but fortunately Sunday March 01 was fine and bright.

Click on Any Horizontal photo to enlarge.

Growplan at Hawthorn Den, Waikaka

Southland, New Zealand

Just the right green!

Landscape architect and Growplan Director, Nigel’s ready to talk landscape design.

The big picture. Nigel designs for large-scale, complex environments typically farms, subdivisions, public spaces, large lifestyle properties and industrial sites.

Serpentine lawn path leading to Nigel’s brolly.

There were other stars at the show but they needed a nap …

Photos taken with Nigel’s cellphone, by him or a neighbouring stallholder.

PS. To see a map with Hawthorn Den clearly marked, see their Contact Page

Text and photo selection/editing by Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)

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    1. Amazing he found an umbrella the right size and the colour without having to fork out for something custom (which would’ve been too expensive so wouldn’t have happened). Also the right price as it was already on sale and then the guy offered him an extra discount on top of that 🙂

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