It’s Nacho Business

White colchicums, photos taken from our walk up the road on Sunday afternoon. These were all outside of a property boundary fence (along with the dahlias from my recent posts). We're in lockdown so all current photos I post are from Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand. Click on any photo to enlarge. This post isn't... Continue Reading →

Walking on the Wild Side

Dahlias Plus+ -- the pluses are Colchicum and Cat -- remember, it's autumn in New Zealand 🙂 Tapanui, West Otago Photos taken by Liz Click on ANY photo below to enlarge A hint of things to come ... CAT : as soon as I got my camera out the feline wouldn't look at me any... Continue Reading →

Warm and Welcoming

These lovely dahlias are blooming outside a boundary fence at the east end of Tapanui, near Blue Mountain Nurseries. We walked up there yesterday afternoon to look at the Colchicum and got to enjoy the dahlias as well 🙂 I love the colour of this one and it's a bit different to see dahlias growing... Continue Reading →

Off The Scale

Flowers like beacons, blooming bright -- let's explore some COLOUR !!! A favourite quote of mine from the back cover of the book 'Colour By Design' by Nori and Sandra Pope : People talk about toning colour down; I tell them I want it to go right off the scale. -- the late Nori Pope... Continue Reading →


on a ship full of hearts. -- poem by Damien B. Donnelly. My choice of poem started with photos Nigel and I took last Sunday when we were in Clyde and unexpectedly found this lovely plant in flower, love-lies-bleeding -- special as we rarely see it. Isn't it a great name? Tonight browsing through Damien's... Continue Reading →

Pyracantha Colour

Pyracantha are also referred to as 'firethorn'. I imagine each autumn I'm surprised by the first blaze of colour - I don't usually give them much thought! This one grabbed my attention yesterday as I returned from photographing the asters. Just a single plant putting on a dazzling display. Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand. Photos... Continue Reading →

The First Shall Be Last

I took these photos on my short exercise stroll up the road in the late afternoon. These lovely asters have been stunning although they're a wee bit past their best now and got knocked around by rough weather on Tuesday. Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand. It was the perfect opportunity for more practice with the... Continue Reading →

Lighting The Landscape

This lovely landscape caught my eye as we reached a T-intersection on our way to Ettrick via Moa Flat on Sunday. The scene itself is typically New Zealand - high country pasture being grazed - in this instance by cattle and sheep sharing the same paddock. As lovely as it is, this is scenery we... Continue Reading →

That Was Then

Back 'then', Sunday just gone, we went for a drive into Central Otago on a day that just got better and better. We drove over the high country route via Moa Flat and came down into the orchards of Ettrick, then stopped at Turquoise Cafe. I've done a real nice post previously on Turquoise Cafe.... Continue Reading →

Moody Dreams

'Moody Dreams'. Still some nice roses to be found in the Gore Gardens, Southland, New Zealand (it's autumn here in NZ). I asked Nigel to photo this rose for me, taken yesterday afternoon when we had a quick wander through the garden. Text by Liz, photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2020)

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