Consider The Lily

Returning home from down south yesterday we stopped in at Gore for a while and were drawn in to Gore Gardens to see how they’re doing (lovely). I didn’t even have my cellphone in hand but Nigel had his cell and got a few photos. This is a fine lily that I went over to investigate. It’d escaped its supporting stakes but when I held it up it looked so lovely and also had a fine fragrance.

Lily at Gore Gardens, Southland, New Zealand

Click on ANY photo to enlarge.

Aren’t the anthers bright with pollen? They’re joined to their filament in the centre so they shiver with the slightest breeze or disturbance, a bit like shivery grass.

I inadvertantly got pollen on my jeans as you can see in the following two photos, sticky stuff that wouldn’t simply shake off. I didn’t realise until we’d got back to the car from the supermarket, I thought I’d somehow got cinnamon on my jeans!

Text by Liz, photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2020)

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        1. Yes and the perfume is amazing! I walked past our neighbour’s place a few weeks back and they had lovely big lilies blooming in their front yard – I suddenly walked into the drift of the perfume and it was unforgettable in the most wonderful way.


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