Tiger Moth

Yesterday we spent some time at Mandeville, a tiny settlement near Gore notable for having an airfield by the highway and a great little vintage aircraft museum, and a good cafe. This time they had their Tiger Moth airplane parked on the lawn near the cafe and we were able to get nicer photos than if it had been inside. Mandeville, Southland, New Zealand.

All photos taken by me except one by Nigel. Love this cute wee plane!


Most photos below can be enlarged, generally 1000px-wide.
Click on photo to enlarge.


Next photo taken by Nigel.



The propellor-end closest to the ground was upside-down so I’ve flipped the next photo to show the writing right-way-up.  INVINCIBLE. Sydney Australia.




Another whole plane shot, this one’s 1600px-wide.
Click on the photo to enlarge.


Text and photos by Liz unless otherwise attributed. Exploring Colour (2020)


11 thoughts on “Tiger Moth

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    1. Good question. Yes they do. I’ve thought about going up but understandably quite expensive and that’s offputting. Loads of other fun things to do that cost little or nothing. Answer = no.

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  1. Parts for the Tiger Moth are manufactured by a variety of companies. Here’s what I found about Invincible: “Founded by George Adams in 1932, Invincible Airscrews fabricates magnificent new wooden propellers to DH drawings. Invincible has now secured a substantial stock of the rare Australian hardwoods from which its propellers are made and is continuing production at Rutherland near Maitland.”

    I’ve always been intrigued by these planes because of their association with the famous Gipsy Moth, also manufactured by de Havilland. Sir Francis Chichester named four of his boats after the airplane because of his pioneering work in aerial navigation techniques for the plane. He set a number of records for a round-the-world sail in Gipsy Moth IV, beating the times of the old clipper ships.

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    1. The airplane people at this airfield restore Tiger Moths, I was surprised they do work for clients not only in Australasia but also America and the UK! A man we talked to said there’s about 30 Tiger Moths here in NZ 🙂

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