Flying In The Rain

Brightly coloured Australian parrot flying in the rain, what a great wealth of beautiful birds they have in Australia! The photo appeared in my Twitter feed this morning and it was love at first sight!


Photo credit:   twitter a/c Angry Magpie   @karenagold
Image used with permission.
Link to tweet:

Posted by Liz, Exploring Colour (2020)

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    1. I’ve never followed Aussie politics (always seemed a particularly nasty business over there) and their politicians have shown themselves to be even more selfish, corrupt, self-serving and enslaved to the fossil fuels industry than what I’d thought. Seriously depressing. This bird appears to be a crimson rosella and given I’ve seen it described as “abundant” and that it inhabits suburbs as well as forests I’m guessing it’ll probably be ok. I don’t try to keep up with how the birds and other wildlife are doing after the fires but my impression is that the Federal Government seems little concerned (and I suspect the State Governments are no better). The attitudes of the politicians over there are utterly incomprehensible to me and I abhor them.


      1. Like you, I find the whole business just too depressing to keep to date with the disaster there. I always assumed that when they knew what was happening to the Barrier Reef they would leap in with measures to save it. But they obviously don’t care at all about the natural wonders of the world that have the misfortune to find themselves in the orbit of Australian politicians and exploitative corporations. The earth isn’t theirs to exploit and despoil, but unless the Australian people vote them out of office they’ll carry on doing it.

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        1. The politics over there are really complex and I don’t pretend to understand it. The main opposition party seems to also be subserviant to fossil fuels. Last election some billionaire guy set up a political party, sinking unbelievable $ into it, simply to help ensure the current lot got in. It appears ordinary Australians are being taken for a ride, manipulated by extremely powerful interests with endless $ behind them – makes my head hurt thinking about it. Have recent events awakened enough people to make them revolt against the current administration even if only at the next election? I have no idea.


          1. I know we’re always told that advertising campaigns, TV, throwing money at political parties infuences the way people vote. Are we really so blind and so gullible? Nobody notice the fires? Or is it that we like what we hear so we pretend it’s true? Surely there has to come a point where we have to take responsibility for who we elect to make decisions for us, and stop hiding behind, ‘but that’s what the TV ad said’ kind of excuse.


            1. These people are mass manipulators, underhanded, outright liars, unethical and uncaring. They spend their time, energy and $ scheming, and apart from that, scare much of the population into thinking any alternative view to their own will be a catastrophe for Australia (jobs, security). I think they only got in by one seat last election. I sure hope Aussie people will unite to turf them out next time and keep the pressure on the new administration to do much better – but this lot have already done so much harm.. there’s so much work to be done!


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