Meconopsis Poppies

Blue meconopsis flowers are really special so I thought I’d share more photos of these from the garden we had when we lived in The Catlins. We also had a meconopsis with lemon-coloured flowers and the same plant had golden fur over its leaves and stem, very special. New Zealand. Photos by Nigel.

Click on photo to enlarge.

Text by Liz, photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2020)

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  1. Utterly gorgeous! The blue poppies grow in Scotland and I used to see them at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh and at some of the large gardens, especially on the west coast. I tried to grow them in my own garden in Scotland a couple of times but sadly they died out after just a few years. I miss seeing them! (Too hot and dry here.)

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    1. Ah yes, that reminds me. I think I’ve seen advice to grow more on from seed for that very reason, they’ll just suddenly die off. Good thing to keep in mind so one is prepared, I’d forgotten!

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    1. Once our plant had settled in it flowered profusely, I was surprised how many blooms would form on the one plant. You can see it put up a good number of stems and each stem had lots of buds.

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    1. I thought a dark background would be good and we made do with his black sweatshirt. The portraits were taken Dec 2014 and the multi-head shots mid-Nov 2015. The meconopsis did well in the cool wet climate of The Catlins with little attention required.

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