You Light Up My Life

Blue poppy (Meconopsis sp.) we grew in our Catlins garden (2014-09-Dec) and a pretty pink poppy in Dunedin Botanic Gardens (2017-05-Dec). New Zealand. Photos by Nigel, edited by Liz.

13 thoughts on “You Light Up My Life

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  1. I have a black thumb, so I know little about flowers … in fact, we have a hearty bunch of flowers in our postage-stamp yard each year, but I am forbidden to touch them or even talk to them, though I am allowed to water them. That said … I love the blue poppy … the leaves almost look like snapping sea creatures!

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    1. Blue meconopsis have a special place in my heart. They’re quite particular but do very well down here in the south of the South Island, NZ. They love cool, moist conditions.

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