More On The Monster

Many shared my wonder at the monstrous red flower of yesterday’s blog-post, seen on Christmas Day at Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand. I also shared photos on Twitter and asked if anyone could identify it.

Another WP blogger on Twitter answered my question and showed me four photos of the same species growing wild in Queensland, Australia. I’m really excited to have this information and keen to share with you!

The photos and information provided below are courtesy of Jane who blogs at Mildly Extreme. The photos were posted on her blog in Jan 2018, taken during hikes she’d done in Queensland 2017.

Her blog-post is exceptional. I hope you’ll go and see the article which includes photos of other plants too such as grass trees in flower, also birds and fungi.

LINK:  Bare Rock, Gap Creek Falls, and Mt Cordeaux – Inside Outside

I confirmed the ID this morning at the Dunedin Botanic Gardens website and found they’d featured this same flower – the first flowering in 15 years so it’s super-special that we witnessed it!

Doryanthes palmeri / Giant Spear Lilies

Queensland, Australia

Note: all photos and information are ©

Tweet 1 from Jane

Looks a lot like giant spear lilies – Doryanthes palmeri […] These pics are of big old ones growing wild on the peak of Mt Cordeaux (QLD). They look spectacular when in bloom and hang over the walking paths.

Tweet 2

The whole peak of Mt Cordeaux is spectacular when the king orchids, grass trees, and giant spear lilies are in bloom. We’re lucky to still have these giant spear lilies in the wild – many are gone as a result of land clearing and illegal seed/plant removal.

Click on ANY photo below to enlarge.

These images and information shared with permission from Jane at Mildly Extreme.


All images and words on this site are copyright of the author. It is illegal to sell, copy, or distribute images and text without permission. I thank you for your help in respecting the copyright of my work. ©

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2020)

11 thoughts on “More On The Monster

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    1. This giant spear lily is one we’ve photographed for its foliage before and as it’s located in the Australian garden we knew it was Aussie. To see the big bloom was awe-inspiring and such a surprise! We had no idea of the name though and when Jane came through with both name + photos of it in the wild I was absolutely over-the-moon 😉


    1. I’m very glad to know about Jane’s blog now and will try and make time to read some of her earlier posts. I was very, very lucky to see the flower! You have the most totally awesome landscapes, flora and fauna in Australia (I’ll just ignore fires for now). I mean really, I can’t get over the infinite variety of ‘everything’ you have over there!


  1. Those seed-pods look really impressive too, and I can imagine that they’ll make a good feed for something. You were lucky to see it in flower, Liz! 🙂

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  2. Thanks for your kind words, Liz, and THANK YOU for sharing your own beautiful pictures and information on Twitter and on your blog. It is a special thing to share the incredible wonders of nature with others. I’m sure your posts put a smile on many faces! Best wishes. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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