Train Themed Tiles

This lovely railway-themed tile art adorns the floor of Dunedin Railway Station, New Zealand. I took these photos while waiting to board the Taieri Gorge rail trip on 29 Dec 2019. Also, some nice stained glass windows on the top gallery level in the same space.

These railway-themed tile pictures border the outer edge of the floor in the passenger transit and (old) ticketing area.


This feature is in the centre of the floor. I took the photo from the side so had to rotate it but the perspective looks weird – promise I won’t try that again.


Border tiles. These go all the way around the room with some repetition of the pics.


Border pic.


Border pic.


The room with the tiled floor. Upstairs is a narrow gallery and stained glass feature window with a gorgeous locomotive in the middle pane.


Love this train window!


Pane to the left of the train. The RH pane has the lion facing the opposite direction.


Above it all is this huge skylight window. Photo taken by Nigel.

Lastly I’ll add in this old ticketing booth, it’s downstairs where the tiled floor is.


Text by Liz, photos by Liz except for one by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2020)

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  1. What a great old station! I love mosaics and stained glass, and this building looks like they spared no expense. The RR stations nearest my hometown, in Rochester and Syracuse, were replaced by utilitarian, soulless structures, after they tore down some very handsome stations in the 60s. but it’s still a thrill to walk into the classically-styled station in Utica, and even if it’s not in use by the RR, they are restoring the art deco station in Buffalo. Dunedin has a real gem, and it’s so great to see it in sparkling condition.

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  2. Now, that’s what a railway station should look like: classy and classic, both. The window’s my favorite, although the tiles reminded me of the NYC subway, which has its own bits of unexpected classiness.

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  3. Wow, what an impressive space! The details and workmanship that went into building that are something. I love the variety of craft…tile, stained glass, those arches… plenty for travelers to look at while they waited.

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    1. There’s so much to take in! I really love it all but ended up a little camera-weary especially as I was using my newly purchased camera that I’d only got 3 days before. Soon we had to board the train but it’s enjoyable to leave from such a beautiful station!

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      1. That figures, some of the Art Nouveau features like mosaics but the style much more solid neo-Gothic. Splendid stuff and because it’s a station, the airy proportions compensate for the heavy details.

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        1. You’d know much more than me about these things Jane and I was glad to read “splendid” in your comment! I *really* love being in this space and it is big and open. These days there’s not usually many people there at any one time so it seems particularly spacious!


          1. I don’t know much about architecture except what I’ve read about it, and the over the top style makes for impressive buildings. I wouldn’t want to live with it though! There are quite a few houses, big bourgeois town houses that come up for sale here that have the most fantastic interiors, with gilt mouldings, ceiling paintings, columns, wainscotting, sweeping staircases, the lot, all untouched since the first world war. They are cheap because they’re so intimidating. Who’d dare remove a ceiling with gold moulding, a crystal chandelier and painted with cherubs and the winds? I couldn’t live with it though.

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            1. No I guess not. I prefer something warm and cosy rather than big and cold! And I couldn’t afford an army of servants to keep it all spic and span πŸ™‚


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