Silent Night, Holy Night

We’d driven over to another part of town late on Christmas Day to photograph a sign that we’d wanted to see lit up at night. Driving back to the motel we spotted colourful lights outside a church and stopped to take a closer look. That’s me looking at the nativity scene. It was peaceful and quiet with Christmas Carol music softly playing. Love the star by the street that pointed us to the scene! Taken by Nigel at 10pm.

Church of the Holy Name (Catholic), Dunedin, New Zealand

Click on the photo to enlarge.


Here’s the ‘sign’ that we’d actually gone out to see. We’d seen it earlier in the day when we’d paid a visit to photograph the mural in the background … that of course is for another post 🙂  This photo also by Nigel.


Text by Liz, photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

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    1. Nigel was interested because they also do some outdoor work where he might have use for their skills. There were pictures of some of their projects down the side of their building. Judging from those it looks like they’re well worth approaching for quality work.

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