White and Blue

I really enjoyed the white and blue colour beds when we were in Dunedin Botanic Garden on Sunday 08 Dec 2019. These two beds are at one end of a row of five colour beds. Opposite is the long border with large silvery cardoon plants and a great variety of colourful flowers. It’s a beautiful experience to visit these gardens in the early summer.

Dunedin Botanic Garden, New Zealand

The white bell-shaped flowers that appear in each photo are white Campanula (bellflowers). They were looking great!

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If you’re interested in the concept of the colour beds I did a special post about them early this year:   Colour Gardens

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

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    1. Down south here it’s much more likely plants will suffer because of the winter wet than the dry. Dunedin seems to be a real sweet spot with a good balance between sun and wet. The botanic garden in particular has loads of hillside it utilises as well as flat. They’re able to grow a wonderful range of plants.

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  1. I can almost feel it! it must be wonderful to walk around among these lovely flowers and colors. And I agree on that the two pictures with the tower are very special. For me the tower looks like part of a Mosque, maybe because I’ve seen so many when I was in Kuching recently 😉

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    1. Oh absolutely Anita on both counts. I also thought it resembled a mosque but I’m not too familiar with them apart from seeing photos. You’ve confirmed that thought.. thank you!

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  2. I particularly like the composition of the two images capturing the onion-shaped tower that peeps out between the gap in the trees. It seems to be saying “forget those flowers, look at me, look at me!” Is it a church?

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    1. I’m pleased you’ve mentioned that. I noticed it as I was about to take my photos and enjoyed its presence. Although it looks like it could be a church its actually part of a building in the gardens that has a public stage. Music events are held there in the summer and there’s a big lawn in front of it.

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