Panorama Revealed

On our return from Dunedin on Sunday we got a bit adventurous and drove out to the south coast beyond Milton. We were driving this gravel road toward the ocean and as we climbed a rise we waited with anticipation. This is what we saw…

The road to Chrystall’s Beach, near Milton, South Otago, New Zealand.

The weather was about to get really stormy hence the moody appearance. All photos heavily edited* by me – stunning view but our cellphone cameras weren’t up to reproducing what we saw very well.

Nigel took this one with his Olympus digital camera. Least editing required.


Beautiful panorama by Nigel taken with his cell camera and heavily edited by me.

Click on photo to enlarge.


A photo taken with my cell camera, heavily edited.

Click on the photo to enlarge.


*heavily edited means I’m learning to use to edit my photos and I’ve gone further than usual. So far I’ve been practicing with curves, brightness/contrast and saturation. This time in desperation, I had to investigate and use “levels”.

Text by Liz, photos by Nigel and Liz (2019)

15 thoughts on “Panorama Revealed

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  1. Beautiful. Calm. Peaceful. Regarding resolution, it’s the total number of pixels that count. The number of pixels can be divided by any number of units of linear measure to give you any number of pixels per inch. But Mike is right — it’s the picture itself that counts.

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    1. Yes, agreed and thanks for reminding me. The files from my cell are small, usually around 1.5 to 2.5Mb so it’d be nice to capture more info.


  2. I love the simple lines, shapes, and colors of these beautiful landscape shots. My personal favorite is the first one because it does the best job of showing the multiple layers of the hills and the contrast between the beautiful green and tan colors (sand?) really stands out.

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    1. Thanks Mike. The tan colour is where the grass has been mowed, for silage or hay. I really liked the different shapes and colours, and as you’ve said the simplicity is lovely.


      1. Thanks for the clarification, Liz. After your earlier post, I had to read up on silage. I was not at all familiar with it, nor how it different from hay. (I grew up in the suburbs of a city, so anything related to farming is foreign to me.) I should also note that I am not experienced with landscape photos, so I am only now learning what “works,” so my thoughts on the photos is your blog posting are only initial, first impressions.

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        1. All thoughts warmly welcomed. When Nigel uses his Olympus digital camera, at 300ppi those photos will normally outshine either his cell camera 96ppi or my cell camera 72ppi. I’m considering whether to invest in a decent camera but not in a hurry, would like something that’s a significant improvement but not too heavy.


          1. My personal advice is not to get too hung up on gear. It is not as important as most people think. Shoot with what you have and figure out which shots you like most and why. Important considerations like composition are not dependent on the camera.

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