The Bricks Spoke

I was out wandering streets in Dunedin Central with my dearly beloved, just enjoying “being”, when the time of day and location worked brilliantly together, and a brick wall stopped us in our tracks. Wow! The light was playing on the uneven bricks and giving this pixellated arty show just for us! We both reached for our cameras and set to work!

The brick wall is the back of an old hotel – the  Leviathan Heritage Hotel  and we’re admiring it from the carpark entrance right beside the wall.

This was as great to see as any art installation!

Dunedin, New Zealand. Photos by Liz, taken Sat 07 Dec 2019.

I’m getting my cellphone shots online as an introduction, and I’ll post Nigel’s photos in a separate post.

Click on ANY photo to enlarge.






We were just fizzing with excitement at the stunning show 🙂

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

5 thoughts on “The Bricks Spoke

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  1. How amazing to find something like that, art created by natural light, while in an everyday location. An unspecial construction becoming special in your eyes. The bricklayer probably got fired. 🙂

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  2. I love the companion postings of your shots, Liz, and Nigel’s. The lighting, colors, shadows, and textures were stunning. I also enjoyed your description of how you found them as you wandered about, “just enjoying “being.” That’s my kind of a walk.

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    1. When sometime you come to NZ please allow plenty of time in Dunedin, I know you’d love it! It’s the perfect place to just “be” 🙂


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