Pink Bales, and White

A couple of days ago I shared a photo taken by me of distant pink silage bales and I mentioned that Nigel had taken photos with his Olympus digital camera. Here are Nigel’s photos which are far more detailed than mine. As I said then, pink wrap shows a donation has been made toward the fight against breast cancer.

First two photos taken 07 Dec between Manuka Gorge and the Highway 8 / Highway 1 intersection. This was the Lawrence – Milton leg of our trip to Dunedin.


More groups of pink bales on the same farm. In this photo you can see the  Mt Stuart Wind Farm  in the background.


Coming home yesterday on a completely different route we found another group of pink bales. Photo taken by Nigel 08 Dec 2019.


On the outskirts of Milton I spotted these white bales almost glowing as the light grew dim and drizzle set in. Nigel observed they look like marshmallows and made me laugh! Photo taken by me 08 Dec 2019.


In 2017 I posted a photo of a  group of yellow bales  taken between Waihola and Dunedin.

Text by Liz, photos by Nigel and Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

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  1. Do they always wrap the bales there? Most of the ones that I see when I am in more rural parts of my state seem to just either round or square bales, with some of the latter perhaps with twine holding them together, but otherwise uncovered.

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    1. The wrapped bales here are silage which doesn’t require as much drying as hay – we have a pretty wet climate down south. Big round bales of hay or straw have a mesh wrap. Large rectangular bales are hay or straw and I think they’re usually tied. Small rectangular bales that a person can handle on their own without machinery are rare now, produced by individuals who have old machinery. When we had a few goats I found it really difficult to source hay in the traditional small bales.


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