Jimmy’s Pies in Roxburgh

Roxburgh in Central Otago is the home of Jimmy’s Pies. We often eat Jimmy’s pies locally, getting them from the pie warmer in the Four Square down the road from where we live in Tapanui. Yesterday we were able buy them from the source – the bakery is based in the small town of Roxburgh. This was great as there’s many more types of pie available if you shop at the source. I didn’t photo the pies but for the record I had mince, spinach and cheese. Nigel had potato-top (which is a mince pie with mashed potato on top).

Photos taken by Liz Wed 27 Nov 2019. New Zealand.




I’ve put a link on the next photo so you can enlarge if necessary (click on the photo).


Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

6 thoughts on “Jimmy’s Pies in Roxburgh

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  1. Ahh, the Kiwi meat pie. My Man of the House missed them terribly when we were in Canada, he couldn’t find a mince pie anywhere. It seems to be a very Kiwi thing. Is the shape of the Pieman what will be achieved if you over indulge, perhaps?

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  2. That pieman looks like he’s enjoyed his products, that’s a good recommendation.
    In NZ, is mince made of apples and figs? When I was in college, I spent a semester at the U of Hull, in Yorkshire, and going to the pie shop was my treat twice a week – sweet or savory, they were delicious, I wish they had places like this in Milwaukee.

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    1. No these are bigger meat pies, a meal or large snack for one person – the size is comfortable to hold in a hand but quite big. The sweet mince pies sold here are small dainty pies, a treat to have with tea or coffee.

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