An Ocean of Orange

We’d only just left the  vivid stripes of colourful tulips  and rejoined the highway when we found an ocean of orange tulips on the other side of the road, orange that eventually got arrested by a band of red. Wow.. these tulips are hot!

Edendale, Southland, New Zealand. Photos taken Sat 26 Oct 2019.

Photos all taken from this one place we pulled over. Huge tulip field!

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btyAbove photo by Nigel




Text by Liz, photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

29 thoughts on “An Ocean of Orange

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    1. Very consistent colour. The owner is Dutch and has been working with flowers since childhood. Their biggest problem is getting skilled labour, It’s my understanding they try to get workers from the Netherlands to come here in their off-season.

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        1. I’d got back to the car a little before Nigel and while waiting I realised that a shot through the car window could be really interesting.. so pleased you like it! Your comment this morning was like a birthday gift.. it came before we had a day out for my birthday 31 Oct 🙂


    1. Orange IS energising.. gave us a rev-up anyway. We were a bit fatigued after the excitement of the first field but went on to devote a lot of attention to this field as well – we took more shots after driving down a side road and catching the far extent of this same field. Really huge planting of tulips.

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