Alphabet Photos

Candice from Canada asked for alphabet photos in  this post  in order to complete an alphabet photo montage. I thought I’d take a look through the archive of Nigel’s photos that I recently got a copy of, and see if anything could be found. Nothing that flash but it was fun anyway and I thought I’d post them.

I think the idea is to look for things that accidentally make a letter of the alphabet rather than for intentional design.

Gazebo, ‘o’ at Oamaru Public Garden, East Otago, New Zealand.


Protruding I-beam, found in LA


Pergola plant support, ‘o’ Alnwick Garden, Northumberland in the UK


Support for tree-top walkway at Kew, London. ‘Y’ or ‘V’ according to cropping.


London Eye, ‘o’


Tree in Gore, ‘W’


‘X’ marks the spot on a farm in the Owaka area, South Otago, New Zealand.


Candice, if you do happen to want to use anything just let me know and I can send you a larger file than on this page so you can edit as you wish. Cheers, Liz

Text by Liz, photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

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        1. No, for you. Only the character has changed now. When I looked at it before the character was a double-line ‘o’ like a ring and I thought it was cute. Now it looks like an ordinary ‘O’ in both Reader and outside of Reader. Confusing!!!


            1. Oh, so imaginative and very funny.. thank you! Laughter is the best medicine for a girl with the flu … thanks for bringing brightness to my morning Steve 🙂


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