Fresh Sea Air

This stunning, beautiful beach is near Dunedin, out on Otago Peninsula. You can’t drive right to the beach, you have to walk quite a way from the carpark. As you’ll see though, it’s well worth the trek. Huge sand dunes and lots of big open space.

Sandfly Bay, Otago Peninsula, New Zealand.

Photos taken by Nigel 05 Feb, 2017





When we examined the steep rock area, to our surprise we found ladybirds on the surface, quite a few although there’s only two left in this photo.


Text by Liz, photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

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  1. Wow – fantastic scenery! I’ve seen ladybirds at the beach once – there was a massive horde of ladybirds at the coast in Norfolk a few years ago. I mean millions of them – they were lying in drifts like red snow on the ground, people were sweeping them out of cafes and some folk were getting a bit unnerved by them. It was truly weird – I would never have thought it possible. I’m just glad it was something benign!

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      1. It was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen! But I’ve read that there were even more in 1976. Apparently ladybirds lay huge numbers of eggs at a time and a spell of very hot weather meant there were lots of aphids to feed them…

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    1. I did a post’ Crawling With Ladybirds’ couple of days ago and Steve from New England USA commented it’s ladybird season there and about how lots come inside. I’ve never seen them in huge numbers like that. I don’t know anything about their lifecycle Jane.


          1. We had lots of them when we had a garden. They’re really strange when they pupate. The stick on a leaf maturing, and when they’re ready to turn into a ladybird they flip up and down. Maybe it’s to break the case. Certainly looks weird.

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