Crawling With Ladybirds

Some time ago Nigel spotted this red car in Dunedin and it’s a beauty! The guy on the left is legging it.. ladybird phobia, I wonder? Nigel’s take: reluctantly using his wife’s car and it’s like … SHAME !!!ย  Any other ideas? (apart from ‘he wants to get out of the photo’)

To enlarge a little bit, click on the photo.


Back in autumn I asked Nigel to remove the glass cover of the outside light, in order to clean it. Look what he found!


Text by Liz and photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

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  1. I’ve read this post after responding to your later one, Liz…interesting to hear that ladybirds occur in high numbers elsewhere! (And I could never vacuum them up – they get carefully escorted back to the garden, maybe even to some greenfly…)

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  2. In New York I grew up calling them ladybugs (and technically they’re beetles rather than bugs), but people in some other places call them ladybirds, as you do. In Texas the term immediately brings to mind Lady Bird Johnson, whom Lyndon Johnson used to call Bird.

    The page at sounds the alarm for the recent arrival in New Zealand of the harlequin ladybird, which has been highly invasive elsewhere.

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    1. Yes, I’d read a little about that. Ladybugs was described as an American thing and Ladybirds as European. In NZ we use ‘ladybirds’ although I imagine Americans residing here continue with Ladybugs!


  3. This is ladybird season here in New England. As the temperature drops many come indoors to overwinter. They seem most attracted to light colored houses. Sadly, a good number end up in vacuums as people have a problem with insects in the home. We don’t exactly welcome them but we don’t vacuum them either. Some are allowed to stay and some get escorted back outdoors.

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    1. I haven’t heard of lots of them coming indoors here and I simply couldn’t bear to vacuum them.. no way! It amazes me how many ladybirds you must have where you are!

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