Pink Magnolias, Maple Glen

More photos of magnolia flowers from our visit to Maple Glen Gardens yesterday. These were all taken by Nigel during our afternoon walk in the gardens.

Glenham, Southland, New Zealand.


The following three are all from a tree with ‘goblet’ shaped flowers.




Text by Liz, photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

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    1. I asked the lady of the family how long she’s been there and she said 55 years. When they first arrived it was just a farm with an old house and no garden. She designed their house and engaged an architect to draw it up. The family has done this on their own – Muriel with her husband and their adult son. The son is now forging ahead with major expansion. It’s really getting huge!

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  1. It’s so weird to see you just starting with spring and we’re now into fall and entering cold weather season. You’ve been through all that cold and so now it’s my turn….brrrr….. I’m not ready for it. Enjoying the beautiful spring flowers you share.


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