Beautiful Bedding

Floral bedding in Gore Public Gardens. I glimpsed the colour from the car on Thursday but couldn’t stop. This morning after brunch we went and took a look, and we were glad we did. Aren’t these pansies lovely?

Gore Public Gardens, Southland, New Zealand.
Photos taken by Liz

This bed was on my left as I walked in from the town side of the gardens.. a matching bed is on the opposite side of the path.


I went on to the circular bed ahead. Gorgeous!


The far side of the gardens also had the same beds. Cute how there’s a matching collar around the base of the tree trunk!


The bed in this next photo is the same as the one on the right in the above photo.


And this is the matching bed on the opposite side of the path.


I love the look of this wonderful old elm tree in spring.


And these deep lemon tulips were a treat!


Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

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    1. The pole is the base of a street light (you can see the light pole in the first photo). The Council installed LED street lights in Gore while we lived there last year. “LED lights are a better option all round. They are more energy efficient, have lower maintenance costs and have less light spill into the night sky, which is perfect for star gazers… They also come with a 10 year guarantee and provide better colour rendition, making it easier to see colours at night…The New Zealand Transport Agency supports the installation of LEDs and is providing an 85% subsidy for the work. The Council is funding the remainder.” — from the Council announcement in Dec 2017.

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