Which Way, NZ Spring

This morning on a whim we decided to have brunch in Gore and then went on to Invercargill. At Mataura (just south of Gore) we found a row of cherry trees still in blossom that we’d seen a couple of weeks ago but hadn’t had time to stop. They’re neat to see because they’re between a railway line and a back street where the beauty they bring is unexpected. We found more lovely blossom in Queens Park, Invercargill. Later when returning home through Gore we admired roundabout plantings that are looked after by the Gore Council garden team.

All photos in this post taken by my OH, Nigel. Southland, New Zealand.

Which Way in Spring?

For:   Which Way Challenge, Sept 27

Way to go! Spring blossom by the railway track in Mataura, Southland.


Which Way, at Queens Park in Invercargill. The gate path leads to the Japanese Garden and the winter house. The outer path leads to Huffy Puffy (I’ll introduce you in another post), the children’s playground and the excellent park cafe – The Cheeky Llama.


Closer view of the outer path where it curves around under the blossom. Either side of the path are azalea bushes.


Two weeks ago Nigel took the below photo in the same spot. At that point the azalea bushes were in full bloom and the cherry was yet to break into blossom.


The path that leads to the winter house.


Beautifully planted roundabout (traffic circle) in Gore. Lemon tulips with white forget-me-nots; pansies around the outer edge. Weekday traffic is really busy here.


Text by Liz, photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

17 thoughts on “Which Way, NZ Spring

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  1. The third picture just makes me want to follow that curving path – it all looks so perfect. It’s encouraging to see your lovely cherry blossom because it’s a reminder of the spring to come before as we’re facing autumn here. 🙂

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      1. So do I – I’d love to photograph some colourful leaves. Sometimes they get blown away too quickly if the weather turns really windy!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. So am I Tanja! We’ve just walked back from the cafe and our neighbour told us there’s more snow forecast in the next day or two. We were so surprised! Will have to hope it stays higher up and doesn’t come down to our level.

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