Autumn Meets Spring

We came across these colourful paper lanterns while wandering down the main street in Lawrence on Saturday. I thought they were so beautiful! They were hung at the front of a cafe/bar. Later we returned to enjoy a drink in their outdoor area which had a cheerful display of spring flowers in pots.

Lawrence, Otago, New Zealand.
First three photos by Liz, last photo by Nigel.

Lanterns in Lawrence

While relaxing in the outdoor area I noticed a lady removing some of the lanterns from the display. It turned out these lanterns had been made at sessions she’d hosted in the cafes, to be used in the Chinese ‘mid-autumn festival’ procession in town (held about a week earlier).


Chinese gold miners were very much a part of the local story. They started to arrive in the 1860s but the Town Council didn’t want their business operations within the town boundaries. They were offered a swampy area of land outside of the town and that became the Lawrence Chinese Camp. “At its peak in the late 1880s the camp was home to 120 residents and 30-40 families. These families were of mixed race, resulting from many marriages between Chinese men and European women.” — see  About the Lawrence Chinese Camp


The Chinese mid-autumn festival originated in the northern hemisphere but in New Zealand it’s currently spring. The outdoor dining area features pots of lovely spring flowers. In the next photo, the lanterns are down past the “Open” sign.


I enjoyed sitting outside by these flowers, sipping a glass of delicious apple cider.


Lastly, here is a reblog of a poem I wrote last year about opposite seasons in opposite hemispheres. It’s supposed to be ‘centred’ so may look a bit odd in WP Reader – when centred the text has a passing resemblance to an hourglass. The text is centred when the post is seen at my blog-site:  Autumn Meets Spring

Time in Two Hemispheres

poem by Liz Cowburn

— —

Up There, in the Northern Hemisphere

Time trickles through the Hourglass

You’re falling into Fall

Days are shorter

Longer nights

Less Light

Less time




More time

More Light

Shorter nights

Days are longer

Roots are reaching


Buds are breaking
Blossoms making
Scents awaking


Spring has sprung

Down Here, in the Southern Hemisphere

Text by Liz, photos by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

19 thoughts on “Autumn Meets Spring

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  1. The Lawrence Chinese Camp link is informative and provides an interesting history. How wonderful that it is being restored. The paper lanterns are lovely pieces of art. However, it is your beautiful poem that I found to be the best part of this post. I love how it is presented and it takes one from “Up There” to “Down Here”. Thank-you!

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  2. I love that ‘Less is more’ turnaround moment – it’s instantly cheering and I shall bear it in mind through winter. Every winter day is a day closer to spring. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Very colourful and decorative. A few people I’ve spoken to have been “confounded” that when it is Spring in the northern Hemisphere, it is Autumn in the Southern. 🙂

    Since she was removing them, you should have asked for one. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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