For  Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #63  Leya has challenged participants with “What is Magical to you?”. She recalled reading The Secret Garden* as a young woman and how “over the years it has occupied an enchanted and magical place in my heart”.

*The Secret Garden is a classic children’s novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I found a nice illustrated second-hand copy last year and couldn’t put it down, still finding it a great read. – Liz

In Patti Moed’s response to the challenge, I loved these beautiful fuchsia flowers..

Magical Flowers. Queen Elizabeth Gardens, Vancouver. – taken by Patti Moed

and enjoyed these words:

“Believing in magic does take practice. It’s the discipline of seeing the ugliness in the world, but remaining convinced that goodness and beauty still exist, and they can transcend and transform the negative.” — Patti Moed

Link to Patti’s blog-post:

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #63: The Magic of Photography

Blog:   P.A. Moed   creative exploration in words and pictures

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)
Words and photo by Patti Moed shared with permission.

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  1. I read “The Secret Garden” for the first time last summer and fell in love with the story. Re-read it again this year, and hope to make it an annual tradition. The version illustrated by Inga Moore is as magical as the garden itself.

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    1. Thanks Tanja! Surprisingly I managed to find my copy and it’s different to yours – illustrated by Troy Howell – a 1987 edition published by “Children’s Classics”. There are only 8 illustrations but each is a beautiful full-page painting done in classic style.

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  2. I have fuchsias here and love them because they keep flowering so late in the year. They also remind me of childhood and the fuchsia bushes in my parents’ garden. 🙂

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    1. Gardens used to have heaps of fuchsias when I was a kid but I don’t see so many of them now.. don’t know why as they’re all beautiful! Are they still flowering for you now?

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