Nandina (heavenly bamboo)


Early Spring 2019, New Zealand. Taken by Nigel 05 Sept, Oamaru Gardens.


Very interesting blog about Nandina:  Heavenly Bamboo is a graceful shrub…

Text by Liz and photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

11 thoughts on “Nandina (heavenly bamboo)

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    1. These sprays of red berries are really pretty! I think the berries may harm at least some birds as I read about a study where a lot of Cedar Waxwings had died after eating them. Maybe our birds know not to touch them.. I suspect these berries may’ve been on the bush all winter.

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        1. Hehe! I haven’t seen nandina (or bamboo!) in flower or berry before either – though it’s not very common here. It gives an eye-catching show! 🙂

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          1. Some garden Nandina don’t produce flowers/berries (so I found from the article I provided a link for). It also mentioned one study found large numbers of Cedar Waxwings were killed after eating them – great to have non-berrying varieties as an option.

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