Colour in Oamaru

Photos taken while out and about in Oamaru on 05 September 2019 (early spring in New Zealand). When visiting this vibrant town it never fails to deliver on colour. Oamaru, East Otago, New Zealand. Photos taken by Liz.

Light shades, public library.


Paper cranes, Opera House cafe.


Toadstool picnic table/seats by a path in the public gardens. Just found a NZ writer/poet called Helen McKinlay who has a WP blog and posted:Β  Fly Amanita – and the importance of fungi in literatureΒ  (May 2013).Β  Includes links to various sources and also a couple of poems to read. Very interesting post.


Smaller form of Pride of Madeira (Echium species), street-side planting.


Paper cranes, Opera House cafe.


Text and photos by Liz, Exploring Colour (2019)

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    1. Really.. that’s a shame! We see them a fair bit in autumn, usually under trees in botanic gardens. I seem to remember finding them where needles are lying on the ground so probably under groups of pines.

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