Grid Coffee Roastery (2)

Grid Coffee Roastery and Espresso Bar is in Mornington, Dunedin (New Zealand) and located in a building that used to house the cable cars that ran to and from the city, from 1883 to 1957. This post continues  Grid Coffee Roastery.

Photos taken during our visit May 29, 2019.

Grid street frontage, cropped from a photo by Nigel


The following photos were all taken by Liz






Text by Liz, photos by Liz (except first.. by Nigel); Exploring Colour (2019)

9 thoughts on “Grid Coffee Roastery (2)

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      1. There was a lot for you to see there–nice catch.

        My grandfather had a wooden one in his kitchen. As a kid I din’t know what it was for and never saw him use it, but knew it must be something special.

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  1. I like the character of it – just the sort of place I’d pop into for a coffee and to spend a bit of time just looking around. 🙂

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