Silent Light

There’s something in the experience of stillness, simplicity and silence that’s a blessed balm in the busyness of business as usual.

Contemplate for a moment the silence and beauty of this simple space.

The play of light and shadow on the textured floor.

— words by Liz

cropped from the main photo in order to have a tidy header image (Liz)

“Finding the light” by Lignum Draco

— taken from inside the Knights Hall, Le Mont Saint-Michel, France.

“It was completely silent in there after a small group left, with a wonderful ambience.” — Lignum Draco


“I made it a point to see the abbey very late in the day for the ambience. From about 10 to 4 the narrow streets on the island and halls such as these in the abbey would be shoulder to shoulder with people.” — Lignum Draco

Travel photography by Lignum Draco is stupendous…

The above photo is from:   Le Mont Saint-Michel (2)   [11 photos]

Blog:   Etcetera Etcetera Etcetera

Text by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019). Photo taken by Lignum Draco
Photo used with permission.

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  1. We don’t always appreciate the stillness as much as we should. I remember last year, waking up on Mont Saint Michel, the tourists has yet to arrive and you had the feeling the entire Mont was yours. It was then that the stillness wrapped its arms gently around you like a blanket of comfort, telling you to chill, calm, breathe.

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    1. I remembered you’d had a wonderful visit there and we’d enjoy it too, given the chance. We loved our visit to St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall many years ago!


      1. I only went once, with my parents. We waded through the crowds and found just as many being packing inside AND you had to pay to go in, my dad just said sod that and we went right back down to the bottom of the mount to play on the sands while the tide was out. Terribly dangerous, but great fun 🙂

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          1. I’m not sure it’s allowed now to walk around the base of the mount. The sands are dodgy and the if the tide comes in while you’re on the wrong side, you don’t see it….until you’re washed away. It was lovely though.

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            1. At Lignum Draco’s post there’s photos of a guided group he was in going for a walk over the sands (3 hour walk) and he explains about the extreme tides and the quicksand. Interesting!


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