A Walk Up The Street

Lovely day today in Tapanui. Around 5pm I took a walk up the street to see if anything might catch my eye in the late afternoon sunshine. Here’s what I found. Tapanui, West Otago, New Zealand. Taken 28 Aug 2019 (late winter/early spring).

This variegated holly brightened up cold grey winter days – near and dear!


Slightly further along the road is this Acer (maple).


And church (a fence was in the way below this level).


Camellias are blooming everywhere we go in the south.


Sign and cabbage tree (Cordyline australis), entry to the small motor camp.


These bare tree branches look surprisingly beautiful. Blue Mountains beyond.


Northern edge of town, Cemetery Road – as far as I went today.


Our native lancewoods often appear to lean in towards electricity.. weird.


Front view of the church.


The maple, taken by Nigel earlier in the afternoon as I didn’t have my cell.


Full view of the radiant holly tree.


Text and photos by Liz (except one maple image by Nigel).
Exploring Colour (2019).

15 thoughts on “A Walk Up The Street

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    1. I’ve only seen holly trees since moving to the south of New Zealand so they seem special to me. They’re common in the south and grow easily, to the extent of being a pest plant. Garden hollies come in a lot of different forms with variations in leaf colour and berry colour.

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  1. I love the bright, haze-free light and bold blue skies you get on a really good winter day. Makes for wonderfully crisp photographs. It was a joy to see these and remember that there are some good things about winter! 🙂

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    1. The sky was spectacular today and the sun quite warm. The holly has been a beacon of colour right through winter.. variegated holly is really wonderful and the berries so long-lasting. It’s been feeling like spring the last week. Quite a few of the early blossom trees are laden now, same with magnolias, and the first of the crocuses. Ominous weather is possibly on the horizon but for now it’s like spring (which ‘officially’ starts on 01 Sept in NZ). Lots of lambs too 🙂

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