Roxburgh, Central Otago

Lovely winter view this morning at 9.39am in Roxburgh, Central Otago, New Zealand. Taken by Liz 24 Aug 2019. Click on the photo to enlarge.

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    1. I think we’ve driven past the sculpture.. Roxburgh is rather long and drawn out! I have some steel sculptures from Old Cromwell that I’ve yet to post, I think you’ll like them too.


    1. It was a gorgeous day today. But YESTERDAY it poured with rain just as we were leaving home to go to Alexandra and it rained all the way to Roxburgh – but by the time we got to Alexandra it was bright and sunny! This guy asked me how the weather had been and I told him it had poured. He said, “Today – I meant today” and I told him how it had poured with rain during our drive – he could barely believe it! After the function we returned as far as Roxburgh and stayed overnight – and this morning was just stunning!


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