Beauty from The Emerald Isle

Stunning photos from Ireland, taken by Damien who’s recently returned from a visit to his homeland.

“The fog over Connemara and the fjords lingers all year around I think which adds to the sensation of 40 weathers in one day (a little rain, a little sun, a little sleet and a little shade) which also gives a reason to the 40 shades of green dotting the landscape.” — part of a comment from Damien at the original post.

Cong, Connemara, Galway, Ireland, Killary Fjord, Kylemore Abbey, Maum, Mutton Island, The Wild Atlantic Way, West coast – general descriptors

I’ve chosen four photos – there’s plenty more in the original post:

Photos taken by Damien B. Donnelly

Click on the photo to enlarge




Click on the photo to enlarge (below)


Photos by Damien B. Donnelly.

Damien blogs at:   Deuxiemepeau Poetry

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019). All photos by Damien B. Donnelly

21 thoughts on “Beauty from The Emerald Isle

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  1. Whilst all the photos are magnificent, the first two photos are positively breathtakingly beautiful and for me harks back to years long gone by…memories! The third photo is an exquisite capture of the elegance of another period in history. Thank-you so very much for sharing Damien’s lovely photos.

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    1. Beautiful photos at that link.. thanks so much. We’ve stopped by to enjoy the grounds a few times but have never done the tour inside Olveston. I was hugely impressed by these photos! For anyone else reading this.. Olveston is in Dunedin, New Zealand.


    1. Can’t say for sure Ann but I reckon he probably didn’t. Reason being that at his own post with heaps more photos, he shows a very long causeway reaching out over the water from the Galway mainland to Mutton Island. Looks fun – I’d love to walk that causeway 🙂

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      1. I was actually thinking about the rain-clouds…hehe! I went and had a look at his site and I’m following because I really loved the previous post, ‘White Wing Rising’. Beautiful poetry. 🙂

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        1. Oh right, oops.. I wasn’t on the same wavelength! Glad you visited Damien’s site and followed, Ann. Loved the photo with that poem too – soft pretty colours in the wispy cloud, and the birds wheeling around.. sends me off into a pleasant dream 🙂

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  2. Thank you Liz for sharing these. There is big drama for such a small island here. And still so much untouched beauty left to breath and find its own way. But times are changing, the circles turning back on itself up in northern Ireland but I hope that peace can find a way of reigning instead of more hurt and misery. But for now, hope is good to have and harmony and, on the streets of Galway, harmony was playing a fine tune on every street corner ‘with adventures for the stout of heart…’ as the song goes ❤️❤️☘️☘️

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