Pea Sea, Port Chalmers

Had to share this with y’all courtesy of ‘rob allan’  @allanrob9  on Twitter. Port Chalmers is this wonderful port town near Dunedin. The huge container hoists down at the harbour dominate the town. Main street has an eclectic mix of old buildings.. real interesting place. This older post of mine shows the  huge hoists loading a container shipDunedin, New Zealand

Soo.. today Rob posted this photo he’d taken at Port Chalmers Looking into the gallery art & craft shop window.

Love at first sight for me..  what about you?

Pea Sea

Cropped version


Pea Sea Art Gallery

nb:  some adult content

Their  Instagram

Pea Sea Art gallery. Wed-Sun 10am-5pm.
Port Chalmers, Dunedin, New Zealand.
DM us for prices, we ship internationally.

Also on  Facebook

Rob’s photo, sans cropping


Further Reading

Text by Liz, photo taken by Rob Allan; Exploring Colour (2019)

— keywords: pea, peas, pod, green, yacht, boat, sailing, sail, harbor, harbour

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