Hullabaloo Two

In my last post* I introduced you to the  Hullabaloo Art Space  in the  Cromwell Heritage Precinct. The art on display was amazing – I took lots more photos than I’d anticipated! The gallery itself is light and airy, uncluttered.. a very pleasant place to spend time in. The artworks are extremely creative, varied, and well-presented so a ‘quick whizz round’ wasn’t going to happen!

hullabaloo art space, Cromwell Heritage Precinct, Central Otago, New Zealand

*I’m assuming you’ve already read my last post:  What a Hullabaloo!

Into Hullabaloo

Beautiful presentation but a thoughtless person left their handbag lying around 😉

The area beyond my handbag is a winter show ‘The Nevis’, a group exhibition of work from all the artists in the collective. I’ll put those photos into their own post.

hullabaloo02_01Anna Priluka at the front desk, the round painting is Anna’s work
Top-right of photo is a Kina by Andi Regan (more of her work later in this post)
Beneath the Kina are miniatures by Lizzie Carruthers

The work in a white frame, far left, is by Ro Bradshaw

Art displayed near the front desk grabbed my attention when I first entered the gallery. The jellyfish and kina (sea urchins) were created by Andi Regan from plastic cable ties! To read more, see Andi’s  bio page  at the Hullabaloo website and her personal website at  Andi Regan Art

hullabaloo02_02Jellyfish (set of 3), Kina and ‘Rose Hip a Day’ (through the gap) by Andi Regan
Square painting by Ro Bradshaw
Wooden bowl by Simon King

hullabaloo02_03Far left: CD covers by Ro Bradshaw, jewellery below by Kay Turner
Painting in black frame by Anna Priluka, ceramic below by Robert Franklin
Kina by Andi Regan, ceramic bowls by Sue Rutherford
Paintings at far right by Gail de Jong

These windows face toward the building with the ‘tulips’ mural, across the street. I like seeing the schist rock wall outside, a typical feature of Central Otago.

hullabaloo02_04This view is a particular favourite of mine. The Central Otago region is a dry, rugged, mountainous landscape with deeply cut rivers running through gorges. Way back the moas roamed here, Maori journeyed through, white explorers and surveyors arrived, sheep farmers settled, and gold miners followed in great numbers, living a perilous existance. A significant portion of this history is now submerged due to dams.

So.. like me, you’ll appreciate the title of the large landscape painting:
‘A Thousand stories deep’ by Gail de Jong

Other works in the same photo:
Ceramics on table by Sue Rutherford, Candlesticks and ‘Winter Vessel’. Beautiful!
To the extreme right, barely visible, is a ‘blackbird’ group also by Sue Rutherford
The photograph in the black frame is by Eric Schusser
Ceramic on the right hand plinth is by Robert Franklin

Note (18 Aug)the final post about Hullabaloo is  Hullabaloo: The Nevis


To read about any artist, the Hullabaloo website has an  artists page

Acknowledgement:  Grateful thanks to Anna Priluka, artist on duty at Hullabaloo when I visited on Thursday 08 August 2019. Not only did she make me very welcome, Anna patiently assisted me with information during my visit and since via email. This has enabled me to properly credit the many different art works in my photos.

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

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  1. Well now we see exactly what all the Hullabaloo is about! The jelly fish rule! And I agree with the others, A thousand stories deep- what a sentiment!
    On the train now crossing Ireland and heading west to the wild Atlantic coast and Galway!! Greetings from the tracks ☘️😘🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for checking out the 2nd hullabaloo too 🙂 Excited to hear you’re on track for a wild time on the Atlantic coast – can’t wait to hear more of your adventures, and take lots of pics!! xx


  2. I am loath to admit to even a wee bit of envy at your good fortune in being able to view this exhibit in person. I am grateful that you are so graciously sharing your fortune with my unworthy self. The artists page alone is filled with facts and treasures. Your marvelous photos along with the kind assistance of the talented Anna Priluka have made this a delightful visit to the Hullabaloo Art Space. Thank-you!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love the thought of a thousand stories deep – it seems so apt for that landscape and landscapes elsewhere too. I’m ever so impressed by the cable tie jellyfish and sea urchins! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ‘A thousand stories deep’ is such a great title and I love it too. The jellyfish and sea urchins, well.. never seen anything like them! And I love the shadows they cast on the wall. The ceramics on the table were beautiful but not close enough in the photo to see their detail. The bowls ‘Winter Vessel’ had a finely woven appearance like they’re made from snowflakes!

      Liked by 1 person

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