Whispered Words

Poem by Damien B. Donnelly.  Arranged and presented by Liz.

Last night you came calling
like a song to soften the shadows
and found me slipping in between
the silence and the slumber.

Last night you came calling
softly with your whispering words
that filled the longing, soft words
that settled upon my bed like a blanket
to sooth me. Last night, in the sweetened
stillness, you bent down from above,

from far away, from somewhere
beyond the silence and beckoned me
closer with your wisdom, whispering
words, softly like stars in the darkness,

like hope in the loneliness, welcome
words whispered which fell from your lips
and moved amid minds, warm words
that rested softly in between worlds
of sleep and seclusion, that found my ears,
that soothed my shoulders, that caressed
my chest like a breeze, a beautiful breeze,
a beautiful summer breeze that lets you breathe,
that finally enables you to breathe. Last night
you whispered from a world away and I awoke
all the lighter as the night gave way to day.


Whispered Words  is a poem by Damien B. Donnelly

Damien has a wonderful blog at:   Deuxiemepeau

Image Credits

The three beautiful moon images were taken by Petra Köster who blogs at:  PEPIX
and were all from the same post:  Mondnächte
Note: I edited all three images (cropped, resized)

The last image shows the seed pods of Honesty and another name for it is Moonwort. The association with the moon is reflected in its Latin name Lunaria aria (luna meaning moon). Taken by Robert Parker who blogs at:  Waterlooseneca.com

— the Honesty photo was in Robert’s post:  Walks Around The Finger Lakes  which includes nine photos of Honesty. I’ve used this one before in:  BW06: Honesty

Many thanks to Damien, Petra and Robert.

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

6 thoughts on “Whispered Words

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  1. Lovely combination of Damien’s poem with Petra and Robert’s images – they work so well together! Hadn’t thought about the name ‘Lunaria’ before – intriguing!

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  2. What a joy to come home, to open the computer to start writing and see this. The photographs of both Petra and Robert fit so well and all on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing. How well everything fits together. I was at a concert in Dublin at The Nation Concert Hall last week by a stunning ambient music group called Icebreaker who preformed Brian Eno’s album Apollo; Atmospheres and Soundtracks, while the Apollo documentary played above them. They were incredible and so is this gem. Thank you so much Liz for including me here among these artists and for introducing me to them, I am excited to discover more of their work. The third photo of the moon with the gentle cover of the clouds is just perfect, both night and light, both ethereal and tangible. I adore the Moonwort, or the Seed pods of honesty, in my Irish heart I saw delicate potato slices being blown dry on the wind, or maybe whispers caught and captured and hung up for comfort to cradle. Beautiful. Thank you Liz, thank you for you. Dami xx

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    1. Glad this brought joy to you (as your poem did to me). I thought you’d like the third photo – when I look at it I can hear the whispers! The Dublin concert sounds amazing, even I’d enjoy that immensely I think. Whispers caught and captured.. I’ll think of that whenever I see Honesty seedpods. Whispers are usually so transient, thinking of them ‘caught and captured’ has captured my imagination. A treasure I’ll keep tucked in my mind 🙂 Thanks for allowing me to present your poem, I was really happy with how worked out. [Also, thanks again to Petra and Robert for the beautiful images]

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