Out of the Box

In my post  Nature Will Intervene  of 17 July, I linked to an excellent post by WP blogger Susan Rushton that has photos and thoughts about the art installation Anatomy of Colour by Sarah Emily Porter …permanent installation at Broomhill Art, Devon (UK). I included Nigel’s response to seeing Susan’s post:

“This is kind-of subversive” said approvingly by my OH when he saw the post. — Nigel Cowburn (landscape architect), blogs at  Growplan

In the comments Ellen Jennings related how she laughed at Nigel’s comment “subversive!” and I encouraged him to respond. He emailed me his thoughts and there was so much that I suggested it’s worth doing his own blog-post.

So he’s put together an interesting and thoughtful post (with links and information) at:

Out of the box

Quick word: I recommend watching the youtube video – it really brings the lyrics alive

cubewithnosidesphoto credit: Susan Rushton

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

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