Good Morning!

This is timed to reach northern hemisphere readers in the morning (but for me in New Zealand it’s 4.30pm Thursday afternoon). Yesterday we returned from a 2-night trip away, we stayed in Oamaru (East Coast) for the first night and Dunedin for the second night.


In Oamaru the two cafes we visited did a fantastic job of making our hot drinks look AMAZING! Here’s a few photos…




One of the cafes we visited was outstanding and I’ll be posting more about it soon. For starters, here’s a sign from inside:



Text by Liz, photos taken by Liz and Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

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  1. This is the “bestest” way to start the day! Your photos are the most lovely gift to find amidst my inbox this morning. I could give up just about everything else, but never COFFEE! I prefer to have flavored coffee, with a generous amount of half & half (light, but not white), but no sugar. My cupboard has a shelf just for the many bags of my favorite brands for home brewing, that begins at 5:45 AM each day. Above my Cuisinart Coffee on Demand machine is a wooden sign that says : But first, coffee!. I must find that Coffeeology sign! My yearly numerous calendars must include one that is coffee themed, this year it is by Lang…I love it and July’s page has those same words on it. A previous year had a month that had these words that certainly describe me : “The only thing I know for sure about today is coffee. Everything else is just wild speculation.” – Nanea Hoffman. Nigel and you do find the best cafes, you two should be tour guides! Now, excuse me please but I must refill my cup! Thank-YOU!

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    1. This appreciation of coffee is a beautiful piece Ellen, like a mini blog-post in itself. Many thanks for your contribution which I enjoyed enormously – even without coffee in hand 🙂


  2. I remember being in Dunedin and walking a beach just north of the city that was absolutely stunning. The wind blew, a Sulkie drove past, ( think that’s what the racecart and horse are called) the horse’s hooves pounded across the sand. I collected sea shells and splashed in the surf. It was perfect… except for the missing beautiful cup of coffee!

    Love the photos.

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    1. What a beautiful memory. I know what you mean.. I have seen sulkies driven on the very long Oreti Beach near Invercargill. I imagine you were able to find an excellent coffee a little later. It made me happy that you loved the photos 🙂


  3. I happened to see this about 1:30 a.m., and was immediately struck with a longing for a good cuppa. But it wasn’t the time to get dressed and go out, and I would have had quite a wait for a good coffee — so I went back to bed.

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    1. Haha! I’ll be doing another couple of coffee/cafe related posts; we found a guy from London/Sussex who owns a fabulous little coffee shop in Oamaru – but not in the main part of town so we haven’t found it before. It was just the greatest find and he offers lots of friendly banter as well as fab food and coffee 🙂 Have a great day Ann!

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    1. I’ve had an especially lovely Thursday thank you, and aside from tea at home I’ve also had a ‘flat white’, a hot chocolate, and mulled wine! I hope your Thursday is also wonderfful 🙂

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    1. I scheduled my post for 4.30pm because we went to Invercargill this afternoon and I wasn’t going to be at home. Your comment on my post has a time of 4.40pm. So at the time you left your comment, it was late afternoon here.

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