I am Wind

In my last post  Connections  I revealed that of the four Elements I’ve decided that I identify with Air and more specifically with Wind. From Te Ara Encyclopedia, “Invercargill has more gale days than any other city in New Zealand except Wellington. Other parts of Southland experience extreme wind too.”

This from an old 2007 article in the New Zealand Herald : “Wind gusts up to 140km/h battered parts of Southland and Otago on Tuesday, raising roofs, felling trees, tipping over trucks and cutting power to about 2500 homes.”
Not unusual. As Nigel drily observed, “the sun also rose that day”.

All photos taken by Nigel

Trees are deformed, shaped, sculpted by the wind.


We lived for a year in Invercargill and five years on the south coast of The Catlins where the westerly wind channelled down our valley, roaring like a freight train for hours on end with no let-up.

The Nor’Wester sculpture in Queens Park, Invercargill by artist Frank Wells is a visual reminder of the winds ferocity.



Good info on this sign…

Click on the photo to enlarge


I’ll be working on my response to  Damien’s poem ‘Connections’  over the next day or two (or however long it takes).

It’ll be called Directions. You can expect it to be LOUD

Windshorn macrocarpa tree at Bluff near Invercargill, Southland (NZ)
Thistledown blowing in the wind on our old property in The Catlins

Text by Liz, photos by Nigel. Exploring Colour (2019)

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  1. There’s an area on the Texas coast where the live oaks have been sculpted like the macrocarpa tree. The town of Rockport is famous for its oaks, which are small, but many, and all bent over by the incessant wind from the sea.

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    1. Hahaha.. yet on a serious note I used to get really fed up with the incessant roar like a freight train. It’d go on all day with no stopping and when I went outside to attend to the animals it was a real struggle. I used to feel like I was going to explode sometimes! I’m going to attempt to get that ferocity across in my poem 🙂 Thanks Tracy

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    1. Thanks so much Donna! Sorry to take so long to reply – I just recovered your comment after checking ‘spam’. Why your comment would end up there I have no idea!


    1. That’s right! There’s a lot of natural sculpture in Southland and South Otago. Never any mistaking where the prevailing wind comes from.. it really does PREVAIL 🙂

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