“I remember the morning this poem began and it was in Stockholm in the middle of a heavy fog as I traced a narrow path around one of the city’s many islands and at one point I came to a small deserted boardwalk and walked out into the morning, across the wood, over the water, through the fog, to the edge and there I was, my reflection, a little vague, a little foggy of course, perched on the water. All the elements at once, including my red sweaty cheeks adding a little fire to the winter January morning.”

— Damien B. Donnelly; from our comment-chat on his  repost  of this “old” poem. Damien blogs at:  Deuxiemepeau Poetry by Damien B. Donnelly


— words and photograph by Damien B. Donnelly


Reflection. Connection
Make the connection
Water Earth Air
I can be fire
The fire

I walk on water
I dream I walk on water
I see stillness
I dream I walk on the stillness of the water
I hear the silence
I am the silence dreaming of the stillness that walks on the water
I am the reflection
I am the silent reflection of the dream that once walked on the stillness of the water.

PS from Liz; after reading Damien’s poem I considered the elements and decided that I am Air. In that instant I became the Wind and all this silent stillness is an affront. I’ll respond. Just watch me.. I’m going to let rip.

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    1. The poem is so still and silent.. I felt like I’d ‘lost’ my own heart beat! It has that “you could have heard a pin drop” silence yet the clouds look heavy – like a storm could develop any moment!

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