Aussie Blues

A small selection of blue images courtesy of Tracy who lives in Australia and blogs at  Reflections of An Untidy Mind. She posted the images Aug 15, 2018 and I spotted the post yesterday when it appeared as a “related post”.

Blue for You

— I chose my favourite five photos from Tracy’s post  Blue for You

Blue-faced Honeyeater




Bird-of-Paradise flower*


On the road




*Additional note: the Bird-of-Paradise flower is also known as Strelitzia or crane flower. It’s native to South Africa. — Liz

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019). All photos taken by Tracy.

7 thoughts on “Aussie Blues

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  1. I just learned this weekend that the bird of paradise plant can produce white flowers. Tony Tomeo provided a photo in his blog. The pelican was a surprise, too. It’s both the same and not the same as ours, but it looks lovely on that water.

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    1. Thanks for the Link to that post by Tony. White flowers, occasionally with blue streaks – wow. Navy blue husks! I love this line from his post: “The navy blue floral husks with nectar dripping from them look like the beaks of drooling seagulls..”

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      1. If I’d just happened across the white ones in a garden without knowing about them, I’d have been really stunned. I’ve never imagined them being anything else other than what we see all the time!

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