Winter Warmth

Returning to Tapanui from Balclutha we encountered a pretty rural sunset scene as we drove through Conical Hill in the Pomahaka area. I asked Nigel to turn around because I’d spotted an irresistable view that included a stream and an old bailey bridge. We both hopped out in the drizzle to take photos and Nigel’s had the best colour – both of these are his. Taken 08 July 2019 (winter in New Zealand).

It was chilly outside but the sunset imparted a “warm” glow to the scene.

Click on either photo to enlarge



Text by Liz and photos by Nigel; Exploring Colour (2019)

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  1. Nigel’s photos of this bucolic setting are lovely! If memory serves me correctly, those old Bailey Bridges were of great importance to the military during World War ll. I must tell you about something that Benjamin and I came across today that delighted my little birder in the making. In my today’s newsletter from EcoWatch there was an article that was supposed to be about a rare New Zealand parakeet, but when opened it was not that at all. Try as I might, I could not locate it there. Benjamin told me to “Google it”…at 5 1/2, he is light-years ahead of me! Fortunately I was able to do so and found a July 18, 2019 National Public Radio (NPR) piece by Vanessa Romo : “Rare New Zealand Parakeet Population Doubles After ‘Epic’ Breeding Season. It is about the orange-fronted parakeet known as “Kakariki Karaka”, Benjamin loves that name! It included the cutest 40 second video of a young bird in the wild that we watched over and over again. During the video, Benjamin said to me : “Gem, we need to tell Ms. Liz about her country’s special bird! She will be so amused with this video.” Hope that you can find it and be amused! Thank-you x 2!!

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    1. Thank you Ellen. I haven’t looked at that but I did see mention of it on Twitter. I’ll make a point of finding it! Kakariki are gorgeous parakeets and as you’ve said the orange-fronted one is very rare. Kakariki are ultra-shrill noisy birds and very active, very endearing!


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