Life is like a CAMERA

Early March I was in Balclutha wandering around killing time, waiting for Nigel who had business in town. And found this. The kind shopkeeper gave me permission to take a photo (gift shop on the corner near Cafe 55). I really like the words.. do you?

Life is like a … CAMERA

camera_sign_01Cropped image

Here’s the full monty…

Click on the image to enlarge


Life is like a CAMERA …

Focus on what’s important.

Capture good times.

Develop from the negatives

and if things don’t work out

Take another shot.

Posted by Liz and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

19 thoughts on “Life is like a CAMERA

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  1. I love the sign, Liz. Thanks for sharing it. I suspect that if we think about it, we could all come up with additional ways in which life is like a camera. Perhaps, for example, something like the way that we view a situation is often a matter of perspective or how small adjustments can make a big difference in the final results. 🙂

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  2. Wise words, indeed. The last two lines remind me of a friend who was a professional commercial photographer in Europe. When he retired and brought his sailboat to this area, its name was Reshoot. At the time, I knew so little about photography I had to ask the meaning of the name. Every now and then, when I’m trying yet again to get a decent image, I remember him, his boat, and his general approach to life, and smile.

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