Nature Will Intervene

“Art in the garden has freedoms and challenges. We have to expect nature to intervene: the elements will work upon the piece long after the artist has put down her tools.” –Susan Rushton; blogs at  Susan Rushton

Anatomy of Colour by Sarah Emily Porter  — by Susan Rushton

Susan has well over 2000 followers.. I enjoy her posts and highly recommend her blog. This particular post really struck a chord with me. I’m hoping you’ll visit it and enjoy Susan’s photos of this garden sculpture (it’s a permanent installation) and think about her discussion. You’re very welcome to come back here and share your thoughts via Comments – I’d love to see some further discussion.


“This is kind-of subversive” said approvingly by my OH when he saw the post. Nigel Cowburn (landscape architect) from  Growplan

My blog-friend Ellen Jennings of  Passing By Photo  had visited before me, leaving this comment.. “What a lovely piece of art and description of it. It’s wonderful that the keepers let the grasses grow within the frame. I particularly liked your close up images showing off the intersecting lines—very nice!”

— Please take a look at Susan’s post; I’d love to hear back from you via Comments

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

9 thoughts on “Nature Will Intervene

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    1. My pleasure Susan. Nigel really engaged on aspects of this and is intending to do a separate post on his own blog (it’ll be a few days). Thank you for your excellent post.


  1. I did laugh at Nigel’s comment… subversive!

    Thanks for the mention, Liz. Looking at this art work again today I like just as much, the only thing missing is a bench to perch on while taking it all in. Every angle shows the colours off just a little differently; maybe a bench on each side to get different views. 😃

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    1. So do I Ann, in particular I find the time aspect of this really interesting. Change wrought by plant lifecycles, seasonal change, light variation, wind effects. And even a nod back to the Victorian heritage using period shades of paint. Hope I come across more photos in the future! I suggested to Nigel that he might like to do a post about it because there were so many aspects to this installation that interested him.

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