The Whole World isn’t in Winter

The bad bout of flu threw me off balance. It got me thinking about a depressed state of mind and the help that’s available. The world around us has lots to offer. So do the people around us. It’s pretty typical though to suffer flu in the winter and the world can seem a very dismal place then. Important: the whole world isn’t in winter

This morning I enjoyed the beauty of this stunning dragonfly photographed by Steve Gingold who blogs at  Stephen Gingold Nature Photography Blog


It’s usually the line-patterns on dragonfly wings that amaze me but this photo is different. The wings have a beautiful mother-of-pearl sheen with lovely light patterns. At the same time I can still see through the wings to the attractive grass below.

Tanja visited about 40 minutes prior to me and her comment perfectly sums up my own appreciation (I hope you don’t mind me sharing it here Tanja):

“The dragonfly has captured my heart. Its wings are things of utter beauty.”

Last night I finally got a post published again. For that I have Damien to thank. He didn’t know I was on a downer but still sent me the right words at the right time!

From our comment-chat [my formatting]..

Isn’t every day a therapy session? How can I be
how can I smile more,
sing more,
understand more,
breathe more?

Great questions. I know that when I log into WP and visit various blogs, enjoy the photos or art, read the words, converse via comments… that I’m enriched. That realisation really touched me and I feel grateful. This community offers so much beauty and encouragement for FREE.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to share thoughts, words, poems, art, encouragement and appreciation on WP!

Links relevant to this post:

Steve Gingold’s dragonfly image is from  07.15.2019 Along Branch Bridge Road

Tanja blogs at  Tanja Britton

Damien blogs at   Deuxiemepeau Poetry by Damien B. Donnelly

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

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  1. As you know, young Benjamin is a lover of dragonflies! When he saw this photo his eyes grew big and his mouth rounded with a softly whispered “WOW” followed by “they are the most beautifulest dragonfly wings ever!” I don’t believe that I could have said it any better. This post is a lovely combination of three other talented bloggers’ work. While we are not bloggers, only two followers…Benjamin and I are constantly delighted, entertained and educated by the many treasures that we find on blogs such as yours. We are wishing you a complete recovery and happy thoughts that brighten your days; Benjamin also sends “kisses and neckbuster hugs”! Thank-you x 2!!

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    1. Your description of Benjamin’s reaction to the photo is priceless, how beautiful! You know Ellen, you’re very much a contributor too in that you share original thoughts and responses through your beautifully written comments – it’s always a great joy for me to hear from you and Benjamin. I’m already feeling better thanks to the “kisses and neckbuster hugs” 🙂


  2. Sorry to hear you’ve had the flu Liz and I hope you’re fully recovered soon. I feel lucky I had a flu shot this year. Wouldn’t it be great if we could also be immunised against depression. I guess nature, friendship, art, exercise and gratitude are the closest things we have to that.

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  3. I agree with Pete, Liz! Your opening line about being off balance spoke to me as I do have days that fit that description, although I never thought if it just like that. It is a blessing to have a wide world available to enrich us and perhaps bring us back to center.

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    1. Given most bloggers are in the northern hemisphere I’m spoilt for choice with all the summer beauty available to me on WP in my winter. It’s really a wonderful blessing!

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    1. I’m happy you liked the dragonfly so much! Take good care of yourself Jodi so that you can see that cold off and enjoy the rest of your summer!


  4. The dragonfly is very different from the usual dragonfly photograph – the effect of the light on the wings is really beautiful!
    I love the fact that blogging brings us into a community and that we can share the good and interesting things that make the world feel better. (In winter I try to remember that every day is a day closer to spring. 🙂 )

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    1. There is a lot of good and the opportunity is there for everyone to participate. It’s hard to think of anything else that’s so inclusive! Thank you Leya, my pleasure to include the links.


    1. I expected you’d recognize it Steve and I’m happy you’ve stopped by rather than ignore a post featuring a photo you’re already familiar with. I don’t get to see many dragonflies or damselflies down south (I saw many more in the warmer north when I used to live there). I’m very thankful for the nature photography that’s shared online including what I’ve seen of Texas wildflowers via your own blog. It’s funny how I also get to enjoy some awesome NZ photos at your blog too 😉


        1. Its really interesting to see photos of NZ landscapes and wildlife taken by visitors from overseas. Considering your time here as a visitor is very limited I’m amazed at some of the wonderful photos I see!


  5. I’m sorry you’ve been so ill and glad you’re feeling well enough to post. Illness makes us aware body and soul are intertwined in a way good health doesn’t. It adds another layer of complexity that chance led you to Steve’s story via the photograph. Sometimes the universe seems to conspire to help us.

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  6. I am sorry about you having the flu, it knocks one out and stresses our patience to get back into our regular routine. I was hospitalized for a week and then laid up for two months last year with West Nile Virus and Encephalitis. It hung on for a long time and took several months after December for me to be able to get back to full abilities. My doctor said it could be up to a year (early October) before I am back to normal. In my case normal would be a new experience. 🙂 I hope you are feeling better every day.

    Thank you again, Liz, for sharing my image. I am so happy you enjoyed the dragonfly.

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    1. I’m dumbfounded at the idea of being brutally knocked back like that with serious illness. Being a new follower of your blog I had no idea. Wow, that must’ve been hell and I really feel for what you’ve been through. I hope you can recover full strength. You get some great photos and it’s lovely to have the opportunity to enjoy some of the beauty you find in your part of the world.

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      1. Yeah, it was like nothing I had ever experienced before. I once was knocked out by the flu for three days which was the longest I had ever been under the weather. I am almost all the way back and am glad that you enjoy my images and appreciate you sharing them with your followers.

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        1. “Normal” sounds horribly like “mainstream”, a word which I detest because of the way it gets bandied around in politics. Quite happy not to associate with that kind of “normal” !!

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    1. Thanks for reaching out Sarah. The emergence of fragile beauty from a chrysalis is such a miracle. As is being touched by words from across the world. I love that!


  7. Yes, it is for free on WP, but the commercial influence getting stronger unfortunately. Well, for me it is not absolutely free, I pay € 99 annually, that’s okay, so my blog is absolutely free of any kind of advertisement. I hope you feel better now, for me now time for summer vacation to start soon in the Austrian Alps, the analog world also needs some attention regularly. Cheers @ Ulli 🙂.

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