Holding On

Life gets ya down and you don’t always have the strength to bounce back. You know that feeling? We’re both in recovery from a bad flu we got a couple of weeks ago. As I began to get well I’d look at photos but there was no spark, no strength for thinking and writing. Blogger’s block.

Photo taken by Nigel at Casafuego, Balclutha

It’s the middle of winter here in New Zealand which doesn’t help. Once we’d both improved a bit I had this idea to stay a night in Balclutha. A motel unit there has a wet-floor shower and a spa bath. Luxury. (Compared to home where we have a tiny bathroom and low water-pressure).


The motel sign above shows the highway heading toward the iconic bridge that crosses the Clutha River. The highway then carries on to Dunedin, with a few towns in between.

Before heading back home we visited a new Mexican cafe/restaurant that both of us really like called Casafuego (literally “fire house” in Spanish). It’s in a building that used to be a fire station. The food’s great and the interior decor is marvellous. The first photo in this post, the pretty skeleton girl, was taken in Casafuego by Nigel.

A side room has some new decorations since our last visit. These two photos inspired this post’s title. Both taken by Liz.





Near our table I spotted this fabulous hose reel clock, perfect choice for an old fire station!


— all photos taken a week ago on Monday 08 July 2019

Text by Liz, first photo by Nigel and the rest by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

31 thoughts on “Holding On

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  1. Sorry to hear that you and Nigel have been sick. We have a rule about taking turns, but life doesn’t always work that way! I hope you are back on your feet now.
    I’m not sure I’d want skeleton girl watch me eat, but it looks like a fun place. I do like the Holding On man and burro.

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    1. Hahaha I know what you mean about the skeleton thing! I generally don’t like such decorations but I’ve had to make an exception for this place.. they’ve just done it all so damn well!

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  2. I love that there’s a Mexican restaurant in, what I am guessing, is a smallish town, in New Zealand. Even that is enough to spark the imagination and I see it did, I love the little skeleton girl- reminds me of the Disney’s Mexican inspired animated movie Coco about Dia de los Muertos. I hope some Mexican heat got into the pair of you to fight that flu 😷
    Very interesting hotel decor.

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    1. It was a super-surprise the first time we found this Mexican restaurant had replaced what used to be a nice but very ordinary Indian restaurant. The transformation of the interior is really magic! Balclutha is a smallish town but a good food stop these days. It also has the best pizza shop I know, called Rusticus. Glad you like the little skeleton girl (I thought you would).


  3. I wondered what happened to you…..🤔 Hope you’re on the mend and feeling much better. I had that last winter and it took me a couple of months to finally feel great again. Missed you. 🙂🐄🌻

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    1. Thank you Tanja! I’m so looking forward to spring.. actually I saw a surprising number of lambs when we were driving through farmland yesterday. Seems so early but in truth we’re having a mild winter temperature-wise. They looked like they were doing fine.

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    1. The decor IS fantastic and we’re amazed at what they’ve achieved! The stay in Balclutha was very nice. I found the spa bath surprisingly therapeutic. Well worth having an overnighter away.

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    1. Just had a short break at Bluff for a couple of nights. It rained, hailed and blew. The apartment we’d rented had a fire so we hunkered down and had a good ‘ol rest.

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    1. Thanks Sharon, getting there. You know, I think you’d really enjoy visiting Casafuego! I was really happy with Nigel’s photo of the little skeleton girl – it wasn’t an easy shot due to reflections.

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  4. I hear you. I just got over a cold/flu and it is our summer with the hot humid tornado warning type of weather. Hard to stay motivated for writing and photography. Glad you are feeling better. 🤧🙂

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