Our Addiction to Synthetic Polymers

“Powerful illustrated story on the Guardian, about all of the plastic waste ever generated and where it’s gone… Meanwhile plastic production continues unabated and half of all the plastic made since 1950 was made in just the last 13 years.” Tweeted by Scion* June 25, 2019. [Link to the story below]

LINK:  to the illustrated story at the Guardian

Small extract…


*Scion is a NZ Crown Reasearch Institute concerned with forestry, wood products and biomaterials. Twitter:  @scion_research

Posted by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

15 thoughts on “Our Addiction to Synthetic Polymers

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  1. Thank you for this post Liz. It’s a fact that we have to be hit over the head with this because we are slow to catch on. We need to believe that every little thing we do is better than doing nothing at all and leads to doing more and more.My own experience is that the more I do, the more I want to do.

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    1. I agree Wendy. By doing, we learn, and engage more. More engagement often leads to more active resistance to these malign influences on our environment. Thank you.


  2. If everyone cut their plastics consumption just in half, it would be a very good start. People tend to think that they have to do monumental heroic things. They don’t. Just start by doing what you can, and then gradually build it up from there.

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    1. We do as much as we can and recycle most of what plastic we use. I’ve run into people who think recycling is a waste of energy and worked for a time with a guy who said it was depriving landfills of a diversity in material.

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    2. I do believe personal responsibility is helpful. Right now what’s really bugging me is why companies are still allowed to produce trashy plastic like “disposable” cutlery, cheap toys etc. None of this rubbish should be manufactured to start with. Our governments are so slow to act!

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      1. Yes, it seems extreme but the more we learn about our careless effect on the environment the truer this becomes. Whales choking to death on our refuse in the oceans is just the beginning it appears. Aside from activists and curiosity seekers not many else are showing much interest in this ever increasing calamity.

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        1. In NZ we’re learning fast. Extreme weather in March eroded an old rubbish dump on our beautiful south island West Coast where the glaciers and rainforest are. Environmental, ecological, economic disaster – rubbish strewn through many kms of forest and river beaches. Truth hurts.

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