I Go Weak

Admiring this brilliant photo by Steve Gingold I pondered the words for my title. I’d found the photo on his blog, requested permission, got a prompt response, and wanted to publish. I considered Silent Admiration (my response when I first saw the photo) but it seemed too ho-hum. I focused on the beauty of colour and form and faintly heard the strains of Alison Moyet singing these lines…

I go weak. I go weak. Weak in the presence of beauty.


“I’ll close out Spring with a colorful Red Maple image…” — Steve Gingold

from Steve’s solstice post:   06.21.2019 Summah!

Steve Gingold is a Nature Photographer blogging at Stephen Gingold Nature Photography Blog  – Images of Nature from Western New England

— Posted by Liz, photo used with permission; Exploring Colour (2019)

19 thoughts on “I Go Weak

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        1. Ok.. so I was clicking on the hound photo OR the Argus name in notifications, associated with your comments. Clicking on either would result in me being taken to a screen showing a background picture of a music concert and a message saying “independentsguide.wordpress.com is no longer available. The authors have deleted this site”.


          1. Hmmm … at the bottom it says “Websites” and lists my two sites. Clicking on the ‘Dreaming Cavalier’ will take you to my nice, gentle, ‘easy-listening’ website.

            Clicking on Cassandric will take you to my ‘social observations and comment’ website where I indulge a freedom to speak freely that few people have ever had/used. I mostly try not to offend but don’t hold back (which may explain why I attract so little interest?).

            On my sites anyone may say anything about anyone or anything, so long as they (a) keep it reasonably seemly; and (b) accept that anyone else likewise.

            And I’m often a sarcastic old poop—when all else fails, really, what have we got left?

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            1. Yes, I’ve seen what you describe when I’ve clicked on your gravatar elsewhere, but when you show up in Notifications it doesn’t work like that. Maybe I can get a screen-shot of it if I try.


            2. I’ve sent you two screenshots via email to show you how the dog pic and argus name are associated with an outdated site. If I click on them WP tries to load the old site.


    1. Hah! to you too. I thought you’d dropped off the planet.. haven’t had this terrible flu that’s going around have you? We’re just getting over it. Maybe you’ve put a new post up – I’ll check .. but I can’t even see your site… what’s going on?


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