ropeable [Adjective]
1. Able to be roped and so restrained.
2. (Australia, New Zealand) Angry to the point of needing to be restrained from violent action.

— Photos taken at Bluff (a port town) this afternoon.
— south coast of the South Island, near Invercargill. Southland, New Zealand




We drove to Bluff and enjoyed lunch at the cafe in The Lighthouse Gallery (below). Returning to our car, Nigel alerted me to the decoratively roped pole nearby.

Click on the photo to enlarge


— More Photos —

This same cafe, posted Sept 2018:  Art Deco Beauties in Bluff (3)

More Art Deco in Bluff:   Art Deco Beauties in Bluff

Text and photos by Liz; Exploring Colour (2019)

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    1. I was cold and keen to get in the car but when Nigel pointed it out I had to get some photos – I was very taken with the decorative effect achieved with the ropework. It also seemed particularly appropriate in a port town.

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